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Our mission is to utilize technology to support businesses in effectively communicating with the local community
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Why choose out-of-home messaging with TCB Digital?

Community centric

At the core of TCB Digital is a commitment to both business and community. This is why we strategically choose technology locations situated in central areas within vibrant communities. This ensures that your message has the opportunity to reach a broad local audience.

Value for money

At TCB Digital we want to our screen technology to be used by local businesses and local people, which is why we offer packages to suit everybody, at a price that they can afford.

At our core, we firmly believe that digital screen technology is meant for the benefit of many, not restricted solely to large businesses.

Be bright, be bold

Whether you’re a business, a charity or an influencer, or simply wish to convey a special message, imagine the impact of having your content showcased on a large 6m by 3m screen in the centre of a thriving town, where tens of thousands of people pass by each day.


The Keirby Hotel

Situated in the heart of Burnley town centre this landmark building has been a focal point for the area since 1960.

Based in a location that sees over 17,000* vehicles pass on a daily basis you will find a digital screen measuring 6 x 3 metres. That’s an minimum audience of over 6,000,000 drivers. 

This is our largest offering and is a perfect solution to ensure your message is viewed directly by a large audience.

Having such a huge space for your message really allows you to be creative, so make sure that you use the full potential of this digital screen.

* Data based on 2017 traffic census –

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